Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weird vivid random dreams...

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This is actually really cute. Where can I get a candle holder like that? I should put that by my bedroom window... or something. Anyway, so off topic. But seriously. Doesn't it just look.... I don't know, magical?


Within the last week, week and a half I've been having really random vivid dreams. Kind of ever since I started reading Dream Boy for my October Reading Challenge and this isn't really the first time a book has somehow influenced my dreams. However, I think I've dreamt of almost every single person I know in real life within that time frame. I wake up a lot through out the night randomly and each time I go back to sleep it's a different dream with different people. But people I know.

Last night however I had a dream with people I didn't recognize and some who's faces I didn't even see. 

I was living in what looked like a frat house and my room had 4 people to it, including me. So I had 3 roommates total. I came home to find the door ajar and my laptop as well as one of my room roommates laptops stolen. I brought it up with everyone and one girl who lived in the house (but in a different room) said with sass "well why don't you two just buy another one with your YouTube money." like she was jealous we were vloggers but I didn't really feel the hate coming off of her, just that this was somehow common knowledge. Let's call her "queen bee". 

So anyway, I go back to my room and my other roommate is sitting on her bed and we're just looking at each other like is she foreal? Not to mention she was throwing a party no one else in the house knew about so me and my actual roommates were all hiding out in our room. I didn't recognize the people in the room with me and I don't even remember what the other two girls looked like. 

So the dream flashes and we're brought into this room which sort of reminds me of like a graveyard room in a "haunted house" at Six Flags I went to back in 2001 except the lights were on and there wasn't very many of us but "queen bee" was in control of what pops out and who it was going to pop out on from under a table. I know, that makes no sense. But my friend Rob was there with me and we made it out to an arcade area and I remember I just had to win this plushie toy thing. 

And that was the end of that dream.

I'm thinking of borrowing the idea from Dream Boy about making a dream journal. Writing out things in real life that are bothering me or just things that stick out basically and on the other side of the page write my dreams as I remember them. Just to see if there's any link between any of them. I'm sure there are. As I was looking up the meaning of dreams to Halloween, fear and roommates, it pretty much summed up things going on in my real life. 

Strange how that works out right?

Let's see how this goes.

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